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Learn Ayurvedic Cooking at Akky's Kitchen in Nelson

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Let food be your medicine, and medicine be your food - Hippocrates

Feel grateful and connect to the food at Akky's Kitchen situated in sunny Nelson, New Zealand.

Join Akky Leurink in her colourful kitchen. Discover how to bring the best of East and the best of West at Akky's Kitchen through her cooking workshop, cooking course and cooking party. Join Akky in creating multi-cuisine dishes and learn how to ‘cook right for your body type’ according to the fascinating knowledge of Ayurveda

Learn about Ayurveda: different body-types, spices, food and the influence on the mind and body. By subtle use of spices and herbs make delicious and surprising dishes with the simplest ingredients and recipes. Learn the way to vibrant health and well-being through the ancient Ayurvedic way of cooking.

Contact Akky today to find out more about her Basic Ayurvedic Cooking Course,  Introduction with Ayurveda Workshop or Cooking Party at Akky's Kitchen.